You can help in many ways

Firstly we will accept your donation however large or small it might be:

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We would like to invite you to become a Friend of Miytana Community Development Foundation. The money from the membership fee will be used directly to fund our ongoing work in Uganda. For this fee you will receive a twice yearly newsletter, annual report and an invitation to the Annual General Meeting with full voting rights.


Please print off this form & return.

Alternatively you can set up a standing order for as little as £3 per month of course if you can spare more then we would be more than happy. If you would like to set up a standing order please follow the link below for details. The form can be used for both standing orders and for donations.

We also provide the opportunity for you to sponsor a range of items most of which will make a nice gift.

Banking Form - Standing Orders and Donations

Ongoing Funding Needs

Our ongoing priorities and their related funding needs are:

Health Hospital equipment

• Mattresses/beds
• Hospital building needs
• HIV/Aids awareness (Beat the Bugs)
• HIV/Aids Awareness (Bicycles)

Education Community School

• Salaries
• Community School (Repairs)
• Community School (Meals)
• Community School (School Fees)

Enterprise Fishing Villages

• Mosquito Nets
• Fishing Villages (Life Belts)
• Community Transport (Minibus)
• Community Transport (Bicycles)
• Community Office (Running costs)
• Enterprise development (Credit Union)
• Enterprise (Pigs/goats)


• Development resources
• Camping equipment

Class opening