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2020 - Two volunteers from the UK, Tom and Ollie arrived early in the year. They began work on painting the school and community centre. Both of the buildings were in need of some repair and this was a welcome effort. Unfortunately their work was cut short by the travel restrictions resulting from COVID 1. We do hope that they will be able to return when we return to some form of normality. 

The impact of COVID 19 has resulted in the closure of the school and the childersn and teachers have returned to their homes. This means that not only are the children missing education but they are also missing the school meals which are often the only real meal they will get in a day and we risk them becoming malnourished. We are trying to continue to pay teachers salaries so they in turn can care for their families. We have no idea how long the situation will continue and we are trying to continue our support to families wherever possible. Obviously in order to do this maintenance of our funding is a priority which is a an challenge as our normal fundraising activities and methods have been either stopped or seriously restricted.

If you feel you can help please donate.

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2019 - The year ended with the traditioinal Speech Day and the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the charity. An increasing number of children are continuing on to secondary education of which the school is delighted. This however does continue to create challenges as the need for boarding facilities increase leading to a now desperate shortage of bunk beds. At the AGM we presented prizes to the annual winners of the sanitation awards. This competition is run in conjuction with the Board of Education in Mityana rewards schools that have a high level of cleanliness but also educates the schools who struggle in this area.

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