Community Center

Successful fundraising has enabled us to purchase a building which we have converted into community centre, containing a training room, library, storage facilities and a classroom for children who are unable to attend school due to ill health (usually related to HIV/AIDs).

The Community Centre is named the “Judith Hames Miytana Community Centre”



We envisage the training room and classroom to also be used for the provision of vocational training locally in the form of learning a trade, animal welfare training, and employment skills training. We have employed a teacher to provide adult literacy classes in the centre too.

The library has been stocked with the assistance of the charity Book Aid International and contains a range of fiction and non-fiction books.

The IT suite as provided access to computers and the internet to many local people who would otherwise not have such access. This enables people to use the internet to learn and develop for themselves.

We hope this building will become a hub of the community enabling us to develop health workshops, enterprise workshops and develop Scouting.

bookshelf classroom1 lecture