The hospital serves the town & surrounding district, a total population of nearly 300,000. The hospital has only approx 70 beds.

The hospital and local village health centres receive the following support from Mityana Community Development Foundation (MCDF):

Medical Supplies – MCDF donates basic medical supplies such as clean needles, syringes and dressings to the hospital each year.
Equipment – MCDF has provided autoclaves for the cleaning of surgical instruments, baby weighing scales, BP monitoring machines.
Beds & Mattresses – MCDF is currently undertaking a programme to replace all the mattresses with new ones that are easy to keep clean & with a longer lifespan.
ICT Suite – they use the ICT suite to access the internet for healthcare related information to further their medical knowledge and skills.
Beat the Bugs, Stay Healthy Training – to help improve hospital hygiene.
First Aid Training.
Refurbishment – MCDF is undertaking a programme to clean & redecorate the hospital. To date the Children’s Ward, Theatre, Men’s Ward & Maternity Unit have been completed.