She is 12yrs old is in year Primary 7 at school. She is at Mityana Public Primary School and hopes to go to Mityana Pride Secondary School next year. When she finishes school she would like to become a doctor.

In Uganda education is only compulsory up to the end of Primary 7 and education is only free if you attend a Government run school.
Children only progress from one year into the next if they pass their exams each year so it is not uncommon to find a wide variety of ages in the same year of school.

She receives the following support from Mityana Community Development Foundation (MCDF):
Financial help with her school fees
Library – she uses the library regularly to develop her reading skills & help her with her school work. This year she is one of only two pupils at her school sitting her exams to go to secondary school.
ICT suite – she had never had access to or used a computer until the ICT suite provided by MCDF was opened. She is now learning to type and learning how to use the internet to help her with her studies.
Scouting – together with her classmates she attends the Scout group based at her school.
Beat the Bugs, Stay Healthy – she & her classmates have received lessons on hygiene, cleaning their teeth, & healthy living as part of this educational programme provided by MCDF to local school.